Monday, May 23, 2011


It's become quite clear to me that this blogging business has fallen by the wayside. I apologize internet family, but life gets in the way -- and so does internet problems. I haven't been able to stay on the internet for more than ten minutes at a time since I've been home because something is wrong with the connection at our house.

Does anyone remember when I had thoughts about going Amish? No? Well, that's because I soon after realized that I had to live without a computer and all thoughts evaporated. I'm a glutton for punishment.

Anyway, I've missed three Tuesday Tens in a row -- bad Lindsey. And I can't honestly say I'll have one tomorrow either. I do not know how good of a mood the internet will be in tomorrow, nor do I know if my mother will actually call Comcast and get them to fix it or not. But since my brother is stick with strep throat, bringing an oblivious stranger into the house does not seem like a very good thing, so odds are, tomorrow it will not be fixed either.

Anyway, just an update on me -- the first week I was home, I did my Practicum I at an elementary school just twenty minutes up the road and LOVED it! I know that being a teacher is definitely what I want to do more than anything in the world now and I owe it all to Mrs. Fletcher's 2nd grade class! They're wonderful kids and she's a phenomenal teacher. I learned so much in her classroom - so many tips and strategies, what works, what doesn't and I felt so comfortable in the classroom. Usually, in other teachers' classrooms I feel uncomfortable, like I'm invading their territory, but not that week. I was completely at ease - a great feeling.

And I'm also slowly coming to the realization that come fall I will be a JUNIOR in college! JUNIOR. IN. COLLEGE. I remember my JUNIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL like it was yesterday! How can I already be a JUNIOR IN COLLEGE? This is all so crazy. I'm TWENTY years old. I still remember my sweet sixteen like it was yesterday. That was a good party. It's so crazy how time flies by.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Successful Days

This past weekend and today I've taken portraits of my friends and LOVED IT! On Saturday, before BCM Ball I took pictures of Matt and Mallory that turned out WONDERFULLY! And today, I took pictures of my beautiful friend Sara! (:

Here's some of my faves!