Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winter Break So Far

You know how my last post was a wish list? Yeahhhhh, about that.

So far I have only slept until 12 every day.. easy peasy lemon squeezy. And I've made cookies, and sung a lot. I have not made a YouTube video and probably won't. I have avoided the dentist, but not the doctor. Apparently, I did too much heavy lifting when I helped my Papa with some yard work and moving things around and sprained my (enter long muscle name here) in my back and COULD BARELY MOVE FOR TWO DAYS. It's much better now though. I've been taking my anti-inflammatory medicine and muscle relaxers, sweet, sweet, muscle relaxers that are a gift from God. Pahaha, actually, I only had to take them two times. I'm still a little stiff when I've been sitting down for a while, and getting out of bed in the morning is tough... and not just because my bed is so comfortable (although it is a huge contributing factor!)

I had a plan to learn Someone Like You by Adele on the guitar while I was home, but between just the pure craziness of Christmas and my online class (yucky Physics) I haven't had time.

Any freetime that I have though, goes straight to drawing. I haven't been able to stop.

Here's some of the things I've drawn this week. I don't have a working scanner, so don't make fun of my taking a picture of a picture. :P

Yes, I did draw these free-handed... no tracing whatsoever. However, I didn't come up with these on my own. I looked at pictures from

I have no idea who I got this idea from. I did alter this one from the original a little bit.
I love mermaids, okay? Sue me. I also don't know who I got this idea from.

This is Virginia. And she is from the mind of Burge-bug from deviantart. I've been following her for a while now and she's a phenomenal artist! I love all of her drawings! She's also the person who got me inspired to read The Hunger Games and now I'm obsessed with it! Go visit her deviantart account or tumblr. She's fantastic!
This is also from the mind of Burdge-bug. This is supposed to be Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy was supposed to be in the picture as well, but I decided not to draw him. One step at a time folks, one step at a time.

And this one, I'm pretty proud of! I have no idea who's original picture this is. I just found it on tumblr and decided to draw it. I'm trying to learn and practice shading techniques and as you can see, this had a lot. I'm pretty okay with how it turned out.

Well, thanks for looking at all of my art! (: Have a wonderful day.

PS. TOMORROW (well today...) IS CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Break Wish-List

Well, friends, the end is drawing near. Tomorrow is my last day of classes as a first semester junior and in the year 2011. (Actually, that's a lie because I will be taking a class over winter intersession.) But the end of 2011 is coming. How weird is that? I distinctly remember freshman move-in day down to what I wore, and what I did. But then again, how could we not forget the horrendous New Lancer Days?

Anyway, I've mentally packed everything that needs to go home with me this weekend, so that next weekend won't be so bad when I have to take my whole life home. (*Mental note to sell back my textbooks next week.) It's the physical packing part that will be rough for me. Looks like I'll need to drive back to the apt. after lunch instead of getting on the road right away. It's okay though. Won't take me long. It's just clothes.... then again, maybe it will.

Over winter break I aspire to do the following things:
*Sleep until 12pm every day.
*Take pictures of anything.
* Thoroughly explore the wonders of Maymont Park (with my camera of course).
*Make Christmas cookies
*MAKE someone a Christmas present instead of buying one (snow globes from pinterest, anyone?)
*Make/eat green bean casserole (I've been craving it ever since Thanksgiving)
*Make a YouTube video (so that Ellen will see me and ask me to come on her show)
*Avoid the dentist like the plague..... but I'm overdue for a visit. :(

Yeah, it's gonna be great.