Thursday, October 6, 2011

Forced Entry

Today's blog post goes out to Sarah Sharp (who forced me to write this.) Sarah, I'm sorry I got this out a day late, but I was having a bad day yesterday.

Just a quick update with me...
I have been busy, busy, busy the past couple of weeks. I've been writing, filming, singing, and going. I'm always on the go. Also, Jordan and I re-discovered my Sims on my computer and we've been making a variety of families with weird names and ugly faces.

(Also, i love sarah bach) -- Can you guess who did that?

For BCM, I made (well, kind of ripped off) a video to promote people to go to Axis, which is this awesome retreat at Eagle Eyrie at the end of October. We go and have worship and have fun and sing and have a dance. It's a lot of fun! Anyway, you can watch the video here and mad props to all the people who helped me film and edit it. They were such troopers! (:

Anwyay, today is Friday, and as soon as my chemistry lecture ends at 1:00, it is officially fall break for me! And since my Sociology class is cancelled on Wednesday, I don't have to be back to school until Wednesday afternoon (because I have to meet with my math group).

On Monday, I'm going with Anne Claire and Jordan to Carter Mountain to pick apples! Yes! And then, when I get home, my mother will make apple pies with them. Score!

*Also Anne's letting me take pictures of her while we're in the mountains which means pretty pictures of her and more for my portfolio! It's a win-win!

Have a happy break, ya'll! (:

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