Monday, September 19, 2011

School in a Nutshell

Hello friends! (:
Since I have been back to school, things have been crazy. I feel like I'm always going. There's always something to do around here and I'm always busy. Schoolwork, BCM, friends in general. Since I've been back I've had about a thousand quizzes, two tests coming up - one this week, one next week - BCM stuff, convocation because I made Jordan's cap (pictured below), church and just hanging out in general. We threw one party (taco night) which was a lot of fun! I've gone home a few times, especially for Gabey Baby's birthday party! (Pictures below) He's one year old! Can you believe it? We waited so long for him to get here and now that he is here time is flying by!

Convocation was fun. We got to stand in the sun for 45 minutes while all the seniors and their cappers lined up to go into the auditorium. I capped Jordan, and Matt capped Mallory so we all sat together.
I went home to be the official photographer for my Gabey Baby's 1st birthday. How sweet (and messy) he is eating his birthday cake. (: I just love him.
I mean look at that face. How precious (:

So this week will consist of me cleaning my room/bathroom, having worship practice (tonight) and then singing at BCM (Thurs), studying for a test in Chemistry (Wed) and then studying for my Sociology test (Mon). I'm helping Chelsea out with a church Spaghetti dinner Wednesday night at Blackstone too. But I'm going home this weekend for my friend Caitlyn's baby shower. I still haven't gotten a gift (I really need to do that). And then Sunday I'm helping with another church Spaghetti dinner. I love doing those. It's friends, food, and fun (:

Well, I need to cross off some of the stuff on my to do list, folks. So wish me luck!