Thursday, July 12, 2012

"I'm wild. I've always been wild."

One of my favorite movies since I was in middle school is Shag (1989), set in the sixties, four best friends (Carson, Melaina, Luanne, and Pudge) visit Myrtle Beach for the weekend to celebrate Carson's upcoming marriage to Harley. But it seems like everything changes. Carson, the ever safe one, meets Buzz who changes her entire outlook on life and love. Pudge, "the chubby one" who loves to shag dance meets Buzz's best friend Chip who she teaches to dance. Melaina, the wild one only dreams of life in Hollywood and tries everything imaginable to make that dream come true. And cautious and responsible Luanne even finds love and spontaneity in this fun comedy! I know that sounded corny, and like the back of the DVD itself, but I just adore this movie. The quotes are SO funny, and hilarious. The music is great and easy to sing along with! (:

Let's just list some funny quotes and scene here, shall we?

Luanne: If I'm not engaged by the time I'm twenty. I'm going to kill myself.
Buzz: I'm Buzz Ravenel. Let's dance.
Carson: I'm sorry. I'm engaged.
Buzz: I'm sorry you're engaged too.
Jimmy: Listen, you mind if I spit? It's just that I've seen bigger parties in a telephone booth.
Jimmy: (looking at a Marlin mounted on the wall) Whoa. Look at that fish! Look at the expression in his... eye. He knows it's over.
Elvria: Ya'll is the horniest bunch of white folks I ever seen!
Harley: (drunk) Hey, hey, you wanna go for a little cruise?
Luanne: (also drunk) I can't feel my teeth.
Harley: (looking for Buzz) Are you- are you Fuzzy?
Elvira: You shut your filthy mouth!
Carson: What am I going to tell Harley?
Buzz: Tell him you're in love with me.
Carson: No, he'd never believe that. Ugh. I wish Harley'd die. This would be so much easier.

For more quotes, you're going to have to watch the movie. But I highly recommend it because it's great! (: