Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reason I Love Josh Garrels

So, earlier in my posting I used a Music Monday to tell about this new artist that I'm in love with named Josh Garrels.

Well, I'm back under his spell again, and while I was listening tonight (this morning) to his music I realized finally why I love him so much. His music means something. Does that make sense? I'm not saying other artists' music doesn't mean anything, but his is so soulful and deep.

His lyrics aren't generic, they are thoughtful and heartfelt and sensitive and extensive. They reach beyond the regular "I love you, baby," kind of lyrics.

Especially his song "Ulysses" which I've already raved about before. I just can't stop listening to it. It doesn't matter how many times I've already listened, I can't stop. It never ever gets old.

Just check out these beautiful lyrics.

"Trouble has beset my ways and wicked winds have blown. Sirens call my name, they say they'll ease my pain, then break me on the stones. But true love is the burden that will carry me back home. Carry me with the memories of the beauty I have known."

"Yellow and gold as the new day dawns like a virgin unveiled who waited so long to dance and rejoice and sing her song and rest in the arms of a love so strong. No one comes unless their drawn by the voice of desire that leads them along to the redemption of what went wrong by the blood that covers the innocent one."

"There's some things we can't live without. A man's so prone to doubt. Faithful are the wounds from friends, so give it just a little time. She some bread and wine. Weave your heart into mine, my friend."

*hyperlinks to the song on youtube

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eyes are the Windows to the Soul

If eyes really are the windows to the soul, then in mine would be an old swing hanging from a tree in the middle of a deserted meadow, surrounded by huge forest beside the biggest and most beautiful waterfall. And on pretty autumn days, a girl my age would swing back and forth, back and forth.

If eyes really are the windows to the soul, then in mine would be a library six stories tall filled with books I’ve read and hope to read. Books, and scrolls, and history, and poems, and plays, and myths to fill my mind.

If eyes really are the windows to the soul, then in mine would stand a young girl, never wishing or wanting to grow up, hoping on every star that Neverland was real and that flying was possible.

If eyes really are the windows to the soul, then in mine would stand a wonderland parallel to this world, where everything was as it seems and people were genuine and true.

If eyes really are the windows to the soul, then all of my secrets, good and bad, would tumble out every time I blinked, leaving me vulnerable and open.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Say No to Facebook

So, I recently learned that whatever photos are place on Facebook become the property of Facebook and if the original owner were to ever get such a picture published, Facebook could sue. This, of course, is all stated in the terms of agreement, but since no one (including me) ever reads the terms of agreement very little people actually know this. This is a travesty to any photographers who put their work on Facebook.

Since the pictures I've already taken are up on the book then there is no trying to save them, but due to this newfound information, I will no longer be putting my photos up on Facebook. I will post them on this blog and on my website which is

This is inconvenient, but a girl's gotta go what a girl's gotta do.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Okay internet! I have to tell you now because I'm just bursting with joy and I need to get this out!

The wonderful Ashley, of VA Photography just asked me to shoot a wedding with her at the end of April! I am so very excited and honored that she asked me! This will be such a wonderful experience for me and hopefully I will learn a lot!

Thank you oh so much Ashley. You are truly wonderful! (:

So now we're figuring out times and whatnot. And we're scheduling get-togethers so I can learn some more camera stuff.

Oh this is going to be so much fun! (:

Visit Ashley's sites to learn more about her wonderfulness (:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Speak Up. Speak Out.

Human sex trafficking is wrong.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

UGH kind of day.

I am writing a paper. So naturally, my brain is fried and I ain't smart 'nuf to write good on here.

Not really, but yeah.

Once I finish this, and I'm more than halfway done, I am home free! I'll turn it in tomorrow, and with my Kins class cancelled, I will be on the road to home by 11 am! (:

Something so wonderful to look forward to.