Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Ten - Lame Edition

Tuesday came way too fast, and even though I don't usually put a ton of thought into what I'm doing for the week, this time I didn't put any thought into it.

So, for today, I will leave you with 10 random facts about me (some you might know, some you might not know).

  1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my absolute favorite chocolate candy. (Mike & Ikes are my favorite fruity candy.)
  2. I cannot stand the sound of silverware scraping a ceramic bowl/plate/etc. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. I hate it.
  3. The thought of children pulling their loose teeth freaks me out. When I think back on when I was losing teeth, I think about the feeling and flip out. It's disgusting and weird. I know it's life - it's natural - but I hate it. When I have children and they start losing teeth they're on their own. I ain't helping.
  4. I have no patience for puppies. As most of you know we recently got a German Shepherd puppy and I can't stand it. Now, I love puppies as much as the next person. But I'm one of those people who likes to play with a puppy and then give it back to the owner. I will never in my life ever adopt a puppy. I will get a dog that's already housebroken/trained/etc.
  5. I make jewelry. Well, it's on hiatus now because I'm at school, and I'm busy, and I'm broke. Plus, even if I did make it there's no one to sell it to, because I'm on a campus with a bunch of broke college kids. :(
  6. I drove a school bus when I was in elementary school. Yep, I sure did. A real school bus, not one of those rides at the mall - a real school bus. Well, it was a short bus, and I sat in my aunt's lap. But I steered and had my feet on the pedal. And I was in first grade. Yep. Ask my mom. I did it.
  7. I love road trips. I love them. I've been taking road trips since I was baby. My grandparents live in New York and every summer we'd drive the 8 hours up and the 8 hours back. I love being in a car. It's fun to see the scenery and creep on other people while they drive. And for beach week, Gen and I drove to the beach, just us, the car, and 4 hours of road. And I LOVED it in May when we drove to New York City and I got to spend 9 hours with some of my closest friends. (: Good times, good times.
  8. My brother and I are 9 years apart. It's a big age gap, I know. And mom thought that since there was such a huge age gap we wouldn't ever fight. She was wrong. We fight all the time.
  9. I'm obsessed with Gilmore Girls. I have every season on DVD and I quote it all the time. The writing is fabulous and the acting is so good. (:
  10. I've run out of facts, because frankly, I'm not that interesting. Pahaha!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It All Barrels Down

As the end of the semester/year gets closer and closer, I'm struck with the realization that most of my friends are graduating in three weeks. Holy. Crap. My mentors, friends, sisters, brothers, and allies are leaving come three weeks and when I return in the fall they won't be here. Okay, maybe a few will be here for grad school, but the likelihood that I'll actually see them is slim to none. They'll be busy working during the day and taking night classes. BCM will be bare of familiar faces for the first few weeks and my weekends will probably consist of remembering all the good times.

Okay, I'm overreacting. I'm sure I'll see them plenty... maybe. These past two years have flown by and I know that next year will fly by just as quickly. I'm getting closer to that point where soon I'll be thinking about my own graduation. I just got my invitation to participate in Longwood's ring ceremony in the mail - the step before graduation. I am really excited to get my college ring, but at the same time, it's just one more stepping stone to leaving this second home of mine. Actually, it's more like a home home here, now. I just frequently vacation at the home of my family during winter and summer breaks. Aha.

As these thoughts all jump around my head, I try to keep calm and carry on, but sometimes a girl just has to have a freak out moment. I'm going to lose some of my dearest friends. And keeping in touch has never been my strong suit. It doesn't help that they live all over Virginia and gas prices seem to be increasing and increasing. "Yes, Lindsey," I tell myself, "It's all part of this cosmic plan of the universe to raise gas and tuition prices and lower chances of a college kid getting a job therefore causing you to be broke all so you can't see the friends you've made."

But I'm not paranoid or anything.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things I'm Most Looking Forward to for Summer

  1. Warm weather! I'm usually partial to fall/winter weather, but in the last year I've slowly been enjoying spring/summer more. I think the winters here are just getting too bitterly cold for my liking (especially since I got to feel an NYC winter this year). I'm ready for the tank tops and shorts, beach weather. It's slowly climbing up to that here at school, which is always welcomed.
  2. No class! Well, technically, I will have a class. I'll be taking one class over the summer, but it really doesn't count because it only lasts a month.
  3. Work! I miss my kids at the daycare and I definitely miss the money. Plus, if my schedule is anything like last summer's then I won't have to go in early except for many one day a week. Hooray for sleeping in until eleven.
  4. Seeing my friends! Over spring break I got a little taste of what I was missing with my friends. A good ol' bonfire will definitely be on my list of ways I want to spend my summer nights.
  5. BEACH! My family is taking a trip to the beach in August and instead of a condo that we usually get, we're getting a house since more of us are going this year. I'm excited. Sun, sand, ocean, boys (: Count me in. Plus the beach house has it's own pool. Who wouldn't be excited?
  6. FAMILY REUNION! I'm BEYOND excited for this. For the past ten years or so we've had a family reunion every other summer. My last family reunion just happened to fall on the weekend after my high school graduation, which meant it would be a graduation party/family reunion. Fun, fun, fun! This summer we'll be going up to Pennsylvania to my cousins' house for a the reunion on July 4th weekend! Best weekend ever? Yes.
  7. JANICE WILL BE HOME! I've missed her so much! And she'll be in Richmond this summer which means I'll actually get to see her! This is long overdue.
  8. Rest. I will be busy this summer, but in addition to being busy with work and traveling, I will be busy catching up on much needed rest. I've been going, going, going this past semester and I need to slow down.
  9. Switching rooms. This room-switch has been going on since winter break, and because I haven't been home much since then I haven't been able to fully change rooms yet. But I will get that done soon after I'm home, so I can rest in my own little room with A/C and not worry about it being too hot in my room over the garage.
  10. PRACTICUM! Teacher interning is so amazing. After interning in the classroom in high school I can't wait to get back in there again. I'm so looking forward to it! I get to play dress up and put on my adult face and pretend I have a classroom. (:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bad Lindsey

Yes, yes. I'm sorely lacking on posting on this blog. I missed a Tuesday Ten. I completely was swamped yesterday. I had a test this morning that I had to study for last night and then a couple games of Phase 10 with my roommate and hall-mate were a must for a Tuesday night in. I apologize for the inconvenience. Man, it feels like Tuesday got here before I knew it. I distinctly remember writing last week's Tuesday Ten. Wow.

Anyway, like I said, this week is flying by. Which is fine for me because I am going home this weekend. So, there is a upside to not working every Saturday at Caryn's - I can go home! This trip home is long overdue. I haven't been home since Spring Break, which means that I haven't been home in four weeks. That might not seem like a long time, but it's an eternity for me. I want to see my mom, my brother, and my dog.

Just an update with me:
I GOT MY PRACTICUM PLACEMENT! I'm so excited. I'll be interning in a second grade class in an elementary school about 25 minutes from my house. I am beyond stoked. My cooperating teacher and I are currently emailing back and forth. Sometimes I wonder why I want to be a teacher. I'm in school and I think, "Why do I want to do this for the rest of my life?" And then I get into the work experience of it all and remember why. This might sound corny, but the feeling of walking into a classroom is like no other. I want to be the teacher that makes the kids want to learn - that makes learning fun and exciting.

Also, right now, and I type, I'm currently sitting on the second floor of Ruffner because my History class was cancelled for the purpose of letting us type our three essays due Friday - like we're going to take the time to really type up our essays. Class cancelled? Extra sleep! Except for me; I have class at 9. :(

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Ten

I find myself actually looking forward to Tuesdays now that I'm doing a weekly Tuesday Ten. (: This is very nice, therapeutic. Anyway, I was having a lot of trouble deciding what I wanted to write about, but I finally came to it:

Ten Things I Wish I'd Known at 14

I started high school when I was fourteen, and I went in thinking the world of it. And after graduating I realized I did have many good times in school, but it wasn't nearly as fun as my first two years at college alone. So anyway, here's a few things I wish I'd known then.

1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. This word defines my entire high school career. I never did things in advance, it was always night before they were due. In college, this only works every once in a while. I've been really good this semester about not procrastinating. Actually, last night was the first time this whole semester that I did procrastinate and it did not feel good. I was in a such a rush. It was 12:30 AM, and I was about to go crazy. Just ask my roommate, Mary

2. It's okay to be afraid of the dark.... Confession; I used to be deathly afraid of the dark. I slept with my television on at night all through high school. If someone was in the room with me and it was dark, I didn't mind because someone else was sleeping in the room. But if I was alone, I would freak out. This past year at school though, our TV is never on, let alone at night. So, I sleep in the dark all the time. And it's okay because Mary is here, but she goes home Wednesday nights for India training and so I'm alone. But the TV still stays off. I've learned to not care anymore. I don't know why I was so freaked out. I think it was because I've watched too many scary movies. My bad. But I've gotten used to not having the TV on when I sleep anymore that when I go home I can't have it on because the light disturbs me.

3. Boys are not important. Okay, yes, boys are cute and nice and sometimes fun to be around, but I've liked being single... for the most part. It's fun. I don't have to make plans to be with someone. I don't have to deal with the awkward transition time of spending time with him and then with my friends. I don't have to worry about what if he and my friends don't get along. I don't have to have the fights and drama. It's nice. Plus, someone once told me that it's better not to have a boyfriend your first year of college just because you get to establish your own friends and such. And so I'm just dragging that theory over into my second year as well.

4. Time heals all wounds. When I was in high school, for me, everything little thing was like "the sky is falling". Fight with a friend? Never speak to them again. Guy doesn't like me? Forever alone. C on a test? F in the class. I was a wreck. So if I was ever in a jam, I felt like it would never get better. But it eventually did. And I'm learning now that even though I feel this way now, I'm not always going to feel this way. Eventually, I'll snap out of it.

5. Friends are forever. Yes. Yes, they are. In high school, I told my select group of friends that we'd keep in touch even if we all went to different schools/states/countries/etc. And we have. But I've quickly learned in college that I'm going to stay in touch with these friends even more than my high school friends. I feel like in college, you can be more picky with your friends because you basically see them 24/7, rather than the 7 hours in school and the couple hours on the weekends. I feel like in college, people choose their friends more wisely, because they are more mature than when they were in high school and because it's like a fresh start.

6. Learn how to do the laundry. Yes, my mother was still doing my laundry at 14. And yes, I did eventually learn. I just wish I'd done it more so that it didn't have to be such a chore when I came to college. Although, I've been cleaning the kitchen since I was 10 and that's still a hated chore.

7. One day, you will not be afraid to sing in front of people. If you told me this when I was in ninth grade, I would have laughed in your face. I was terrified to sing in front of my family, let alone people I didn't know. When I was a kid, I sang anything, anywhere, any time. But once I got into middle school and high school I didn't sing unless it was in the car along with the music. When my family asked me to sing, I said no. And then eventually gave in, but reluctantly. I started voice lessons in ninth grade and had a hard time singing in front of my teacher, Allison. But eventually I became comfortable with her. Then, she told me I had to sing in a recital. I thought I was going to die. But the real thing that gave me so much confidence was partly taking on the position as praise and worship coordinator for BCM and then singing at Bowery in May. A very large portion was singing at Bowery. I was so changed after that trip. I don't even know what happened. A wave of calm just came over me and I've never been the same since.

8. Don't give A.J. such a hard time. I love my little brother, but sometimes he just annoys me to no end. And yes, when I was younger I would yell and argue for no reason, and I still do it now. But I should probably stop because I'm older and I always get fussed at because, "You're 19 years old, and he's only 10. You should know better.... blah blah blah." Yes, I know.

9. Swallow your pride. I'm still telling myself this one. I have a lot of pride, and people may or may not see it. I don't know if I hide it well, or if I let it show. But some things really bother me and then out of pride I go against the grain. This stops me from trying new things and asking for help. I should really work on this one.

10. Do what you want. Okay, I say this within reason. But, I feel like when I was in high school I could have done more things that I wanted to. I was kind of a homebody when I was in high school. I would have rather had people over at my house than go to theirs. I liked to stay in and watch movies or play games than go out and party or whatever. I mean, yes, that's what I wanted at the time. But I wish I could have tried different things.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ode to Summer

Bare feet, sweet tea, flip flops, and sunglasses.
Sandy beaches, slip-n-slides, sun block and no classes.
Sleepin' in, staying out late, and driving with the windows down.
School is done, so party on, we're gonna rock this town.

Dorky little poem-thing I wrote in honor of springtime with summer approaching.

*Mock as you see fit.