Friday, May 18, 2012

Link to guest post

So yesterday I mentioned that I had an upcoming guest post on my friend's photography blog. Well HERE IT IS! 

Check it out (:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blair & Adam's Wedding

Where to begin? Where to begin? So, in late April, I posted about how I was so so excited to be second shooting a wedding with Ashley. And I can't help but say that it's over now and I'm still pretty excited. That's how much excitement I have.

I'd just like to mention that I couldn't have asked for a better first wedding to shoot! Blair's mom came out and greeted us first thing. She was so welcoming, told us to walk around the house, find some picture locations, and then just walk in the house when we were ready. After "surveying the land" (wink), we walked into the house and knew immediately everyone was upstairs because of all the laughing and talking and carrying on. Blair and her sisters (biological and in-law) were so sweet and willing for all the pictures we had planned for them!

As Ashley took the main photos for the bride, I stood back and watched and basically just took pictures from different angles. In a lot of my pictures the bride and her bridesmaids were looking at Ashley's camera instead of mine, which made for very interesting dynamics (whoa, big word)!

I can't say for sure what I expected going into this, but this was beyond any of my expectations. I truly cannot thank Ashley enough for allowing me to be apart of it, and I'm so afraid she's getting tired of my thanking her, but I am thankful!

Many of my pictures were like Ashley's, and to see them you can visit her blog (here), but I couldn't help but claim a few of my favorites.

Blair's bouquets were so original and unique. I was so jealous of her creativity!

Her family was wonderful and at the end of the day, I caught myself saying how badly I wanted to be adopted into it! (: 

This is just a classic wedding picture. LOVE IT!

HAD to catch a pic of the shoes. Funny story: Blair told her bridesmaids to pick out their own shoes as long as they were gray, and two came back with the same shoes! But it worked out very well because the two bridesmaids with the same shoes were on the outside, so they called themselves "the anchors". 

These champagne/wine glasses were so rustic and original! Mason jars and a candlestick. I loved them so much, I went home ready to make my own! 

Since yellow is my favorite color, I was very fond of the yellow-painted mason jar centerpieces.. this picture was pre-flowers. 

This was actually an accidental picture, but sometimes those turn out to be the best pictures!

Ashley always has the best poses for her brides! I was happy to catch this one while waiting for the groom and groomsmen to arrive for their pictures! 

The guys were kind of laid back and so between poses I just snapped this, it's so relaxed and is just a couple regular guys hanging out. And it kind of looked like it could be a CD album cover. 

And who doesn't love a jumping picture?! 

Once again, a big thank you to Ashley for asking me to help her on this day, thank you to Blair and Adam for allowing me to tag along, thank you to the guests for being so wonderful! 

Hope you enjoyed the pics! (: 

Be sure to check out my guest post on Ashley's blog, coming up soon! I'll be sure to post the link later! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Charlie and Kath: In Sickness and in Health

He’d been in the apartment three minutes before Kath asked for a snack. She’d fallen down the stairs at home and was spending her first college winter break stuck up in the apartment with a broken leg. It wouldn’t have been as bad as it was if it wasn’t for the constant sound of “Charlie” this and “Charlie” that. Kath had him doing everything. He was used to it of course, but he was taking a class this winter session and he had work to do.

In the kitchen, he fashioned a neat spread of wheat thin crisps on a plate and a dollop of hummus in the middle for Kath and then presented it to her like a feast.

“Thank you!” she cried. “This looks wonderful!” Then Charlie kissed her cheek and went back into the kitchen to make his lunch.

“Hey babe!” Kath yelled from the couch.

“Yeah?!” Charlie peeked over the bar into the living room. She was holding up her empty tea mug.

“Could you make me some more tea please?”

Charlie smiled. “Sure,” he said. He fetched her mug and started a pot of water. The teabag hadn’t even started seeping yet when he heard Kath call from the couch.

“Charlie, can you just bring the whole bag of crisps and the hummus to me?”

He laughed. He grabbed them and took them to her, and then grabbed her plate and brought it back into the kitchen. “I’m turning into my mother,” he said, annoyed.

When the tea was done, he added a bit of honey and took it out to her. “Thanks, babe,” she smiled.

He then went back into the kitchen again to make his lunch. He wasn’t in two minutes until he heard her call again. He was in the pantry/laundry room at the time to grab some bread so maybe she thought he couldn’t hear her. He went back about his business and then heard her call his name again, this time a little louder. He rolled his eyes. “We don’t have another bag of crisps,” he said jokingly.

“It’s not that,” Kath said. “Could you get me a lemon slice for my tea?”

He turned to look at her with a tired expression.


All he wanted was a sandwich. He would have gladly made a joke about her making him one, but she wasn’t a fan of women jokes and he had a broken leg. So he cut a slice out of the lemon in the fridge and took it over, plopping it into her tea. “Thank you,” she said.

He took three steps back toward the kitchen.

“Charlie,” Kath said, whining. “It’s too hot, blow on it for me.”

He turned around and noticed her big smile which then turned into a giggle. God, he loved that smile.

“You want me to break your other leg, too?” he joked.

“No, just a little blow on my tea will be enough,” she smiled.