Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sarah & Kyle

So, sophomore year, I took pictures of my friend Sarah and her boyfriend Kyle. And this year, I did it again! Except this time, I drove out to Bridgewater College so that they would have pictures from both of their schools! Let me tell you, the drive there was two hours of beauty! The mountains were GORGEOUS! I wish I had time to stop, but I got a later start than I originally planned and didn't have time. But I guess that just gives me a chance to trek out that way again! (:

Anyway, I had so much fun shooting with them again! Hope they and y'all enjoy these! (: 

Look how cute she is! 

Kyle insisted we get a picture in front of this building! 

It was Kyle's idea to take pics on these stairs! Good idea! 

Diva, striking a pose! 

Sarah knew she wanted this picture! And I think this is one of my faves! 

I just LOVE black and whites! 

And now as I finish this, I'm off to hand over Sarah's CD! Have a good night! (: 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hart + Jenny: Surprise Proposal!

Well, most proposals are surprises, but this was extra surprising! Let me begin at the beginning...

Thursday night my good friend Amanda called me and asked me if I knew Hart from school, I did not, but she told me that he needed a photographer for Sunday. And I said "Sure! Give him my number and he can call me and whatnot." Well, literally five minutes after I hung up with Amanda, I got the call from Hart, where he proceeded to tell me that he was going to PROPOSE to his girlfriend of 8 years (high school sweethearts, how cute!) on Sunday at the High Bridge Trail near campus. WOW! So we planned this whole thing where we would just be strangers passing by, he and she would be strolling the bridge after church and I would just be taking pictures of the view. And then he would go down on one knee and BAM I would be there with the camera!

I felt so stealth during this little game. I dragged my roommate Katy along as my cover, so I wouldn't awkwardly be taking pictures of the view, and instead could awkwardly take pictures of her. And the four of us got there at the same time.

When it happened, obviously I was right there, ready to shoot away. And boy did I! I wasn't missing a THING!

I was creepin' stealthily behind them. 

And she just thought she was here to see some sights.

She was wrong. There was SO much more to it! 

She started crying, as you can see. 

And of course she said yes!

Funny story: This couple sat next to Hart and Jenny in church that same morning and ended up coming to High Bridge. They struck up a conversation while walking the trail before they hung back to read up on the history as Hart and Jenny kept walking. They walked up moments after the proposal happened to offer their congratulations! (: 

And what girl doesn't want to admire her ring?!

Jenny was so giddy afterwards, it was so cute! 

Jenny then realized why Hart had been acting strange all morning.

Don't they just look like they should be together?

Look at that beautiful ring! 

Jenny signed their names in the guest book! (: Somehow, everyone knew that they'd just gotten engaged, because everyone we passed was offering congratulations! 

Wooo. I just LOVED this opportunity to take these! Amanda, thank you so much for talking me up and Hart thank you so much for taking her advice! This was so much fun! (:

Also... another piece of fun news.... are you ready for this? The park manager (I think he was a manager of some kind) gave me his email address to send him these pictures, I guess for the park website or something... but get a load of this, he also runs the Farmville Herald, the newspaper and he wants to put these pictures in the newspaper! How exciting is that? So keep your eyes peeled for Jenny and Hart's engagement in the NEWSPAPER! Hooray! (:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Ten

Did you miss the Tuesday Ten?! Didjya? Didjya?

I know I did!

For this week's Tuesday Ten, I'm going to share ten people at I subscribe to on YouTube.

1. Toddrick Hall
He wrote and starred in "Cinderfella" and "Beauty and the Beat". But in addition to being this awesome, he also coreographs and participates in flash mobs. He's done them in malls, Target, Wal-Mart, and even at his house for the Dominos delivery guy. Ha ha ha. His channel is worth watching!

2. Jenna Marbles
Most people already know who Jenna Marbles is with her rising to the top of YouTube fame. But seriously, she's hilarious. She's sarcastic and funny and you WON'T be disappointed in her channel.

3. Tyler Ward
Singing sensation TYLER WARD! Love his voice and his music, covers and originals are so good! Not to mention, his interview with Cobus Potgeiter was freaking hilarious! I think if I had to choose a favorite cover he's done it would be Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and my favorite original of his would be Pennybags that he wrote and performed with his brother Derek Ward.

4. Jake Coco
Jake Coco is so talented! He has a GREAT voice and just awesome... presence. His collaboration of Some Nights by Fun. is the video shown above and it is BRILLIANT. LOVE IT. OBSESSED WITH IT. I've been listening to it on repeat for DAYS!

5. Jess Moskaluke
Not only is Jess gorgeous but she has a superb voice! Her cover of Blown Away by Carrie Underwood is wonderful! And she also sings with Jake Coco and the gang in Some Nights.

6. Boyce Avenue
Boyce Avenue is a band that does covers and a few originals and OH MY GOSH. LOOK AT THIS MAN. LOOK AT HIM. He beautiful. And has a beautiful voice! His cover of Lights by Ellie Goulding is amazing. And his and Kina Grannis (coming up soon) did a cover of With or Without You by U2 and THAT was awesome as well! Please check them out!

7. Kina Grannis

Kina Grannis' voice is gorgeous! Her original Valentine has been featured on MTV and her cover of The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel is beautiful. Also, listen to her original song Someone Else's Heart. It's beautiful.

8. Kingsley
Kingsley is HILARIOUS! In the video above he talks about the things he hates about driving and you will laugh your butt off! Not joking. He's hilarious.

9. James David Carter
Okay, let me tell you about this man right here. Not only is he B-E-A-UTIFUL and gorgeous, but his voice is heaven. I was looking around for Hard to Love covers by Lee Brice and I could NOT find one that I liked..... but I saw his link, clicked on it, and found his beautiful-ness. His cover of Hard to Love is SPOT ON! And his cover of Wanted by Hunter Hayes... let's just say, his cover is going to be my wedding song.

10. Olan Rodgers
Olan Rodgers is hilarious! His stories will make you cry you'll be laughing so hard. "Ghost in the Stalls" is above and his story "The Snack Theif" is HILARIOUS! Check him out!


Monday, October 15, 2012

New Logo & New Obsession

So, (I start with "so" a lot, sorry for that).... So, in my photography hobby... well I should just go ahead and say business... I am a business... I have a small business. But a very small business. The smallest, teeny tiniest business there ever was. That being said, I was looking around at all the photography sites that I explore and admire and saw that they all had logos. Whether it was the kind that appeared in the white box under their pictures, or the kind that was watermarked on their pictures, everyone had a THING. I did not have a THING... until now. I created my own logo last night and um, I like it.

And I thought, well since I'm creating a logo, I may as well pop on over to BlogStomp and check out what they have to offer. It's a site that my good friend Ashley from V.A. Photography told me about, where when you've finished editing your pictures, you can go and "stomp" your logo onto your pictures without all the hassel of doing it on photoshop, etc. HOW COOL IS THAT? Well... I made a boo boo. I downloaded the trial version. I admit it. They got me. Ugh. I thought it was going to let me have it for 30 days and then take it away, you know? Like everything else. No. This is what they gave me.

Ew. Look at that. Look at that ugly BlogStomp watermark. (But I must say, my logo is dashing!) So yeah, they did it. They got me hooked on their producted, reeled me in like a fish, and then cast me out before I got to eat the worm. Needless to say, I will be buying BlogStomp. But I think it's a fair price for a one time fee. Sooooo.... soon all of my pictures will be STOMPED