Monday, July 11, 2011

Travel Wish List

I've decided that if I ever win the lottery or find that I had a very wealthy great uncle or something who left me millions of dollars then I would use it to travel. I know a more sensible person would invest it, save it, buy a house, but I'm not sensible. I would travel all over the world. I'd try to save it as much as I could though, so that when I'm done traveling I can go back home and be sensible, but honestly, I'd probably re-visit all the places again. Who knows, maybe I'll find a new place to live.

Here's my small little bungalow in Fiji. (: Wouldn't mind living here for a while.

Perhaps I could visit the Boat Hotel on Cocoa Island?

I must go here. The natural pool in Isalo National Park, Madagascar.

Number one on my list is Santorini, Greece. I had a dream the other night I moved there.
It was a good dream.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Being Crafty

I'm obsessed with crafts and finding ways to spruce up old things the cheap way. I love the idea of buying a $3 dollar vase at Goodwill instead of the $40 one at Pottery barn, slapping on a coat or two of spray paint, adding some $10 fake flowers and placing them delicately in the living room/bedroom/kitchen. I love the idea of making pictures magnets to give away as gifts! I love it all! (:

As some of you know, I'll be living in an apartment with two of my good friends this coming fall and we're always talking about ways we'll decorate the place. I found this great tutorial for making cute coasters here and fell in LOVE with the idea. I will make some for our apartment soon. And the best thing is, it's going to be under $10! (: This makes Lindsey very happy.

And while I was looking at these precious gems, I got to thinking how great they would look on the wall in my bathroom. Once I find a shower curtain I like, I'll match the colors with some scrapbook paper and use that on my coasters/wall hangers. (: Yes!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


See that name? Pretty funny, huh? Yep; that's the name of the town we're not staying in. We're in Uniontown, Pennsylvania this week visiting family. We got in last night around 9 and tomorrow we're having a family reunion at my cousin Jimmy's house. Usually, we stay in Belle Vernon, PA closer to my aunt's house, but since the reunion was in Uniontown, we decided to stay here and let me tell you the hotel is awesome. I might upload a picture of the pool later. But there's a big pool, and a game room and a hottub. It's nice. Anyway, wanna hear about my trip? Good, I'll tell you.
We drove in yesterday and the view of the mountains is beautiful! I love the scenery and I was so thankful the sun doesn't go down until like 9:00 because I got to see it all in the light and the beautiful sunset! Of course, there were some idiots on the road but that's inevitable in any state
not just Virginia!Our drive was pretty nice and peaceful, especially since A.J. wasn't in the car. So once we got to P.A. we went to Aunt Carol's to pick him up and then went to Aunt Vi's for the night.

This morning we woke up, got ready, and headed to Eat'n Park - my favorite place to eat breakfast! If you ever go anywhere and see an Eat'n Park then please go. It is the best. They have smiley face cookies that are delicious. Hint- take a
children under 12 with
you and they get one free with their meal... then steal it from them. Ahahaha! Just kidding, A.J. split his with me. Yum! After Eat'n Park, we went to Walmart and I said I wasn't going to spend any money (yeah, that lasted long), but I ended up getting some apartment stuff, a movie, and (get ready) HARRY POTTER SCENE IT! YES! I have been wanting it for a long time and now I finally got it. And it was on clearance. Probably because they're coming out with a new edition soon, but oh well. I'll just have the old one.
Tonight, we went to dinner in Pittsburgh, which is about an hour away from where we visit when we come to P.A. And we went to Bucca Di Beppos, which is the BEST Italian restaurant I've ever been to. They serve their meals family style, so you can either get smalls, larges, or sides. And it's BEAUTIFUL! Eight of us
went and each family got something different and we all shared. I've come to realize that the lasagna is okay, the cheese manicotti is to die for and the fettucini alfredo is the best I've ever tasted! Then, afterwards we went across the street to the shops at the old train station and I came so close to buying a Steeler's hat or a shirt, but I stopped myself. I can always get one later.

Then, after going back to my Aunt's house to watch fireworks we headed back to the hotel and A.J. went to the gameroom and won these stick on mustaches out of the machine. Heck yes.
And now we're watching Titanic and going to bed. Tomorrow we've got a morning of Starbucks and swimming (not at the same time) and then going to the reunion where my cousin's band will play and when they're gone, my crazy family will sing karaoke and drink way too much and be loud. It'll be a July 4th celebration to remember! (: