Monday, November 26, 2012

Music Monday!

Do you like dubstep? I know I'm not a fan that much. Certain songs, yes, but mostly no. However, this song is just... great! I love the sound of a violin. Oh my gosh, I just LOVE it! And Lindsey Stirling is wonderful! I hope you enjoy her song Crystallize as well as the second song. The second song is "We Found Love" by Rihanna and Calvin Harris, but Lindsey plays the violin (obvioiusly) and it's sung by VenTribe and shows footage of when Lindsey went to Africa. It's a beautiful African rendition and changes the words to "We found love in a whole new place". It's so powerful and beautiful! I've been obsessed for a while.

Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling

We Found Love - Lindsey Stirling ft. VenTribe

Thought I'd throw this one in too! It's Lindsey's Phantom of the Opera medley and it's AWESOME! 

Okay, I'm done geeking. Man, I wish I could play an instrument.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Ten!

I've been tweeting a lot lately, more than I usually do. I've just had so many funny thoughts and things happen that I have to share them with the cyber world! In honor of this, I'd like to share ten of my favorite people (non-friends) that I like to follow on Twitter. Along with it, a few of my favorite tweets from them! I hope you like some of them enough to follow them too!

1. Kelly Oxford. Please be warned, she can be inappropriate and she has a very sarcastic sense of humor, but she is hilarious! Sometimes her tweets are hit or miss, but most of the time they are spot on.

2. Professor Snape. Yes, THE professor Snape. I mean, who's funnier than him?

3. Pearls & Polos. She's hilarious. Not to mention, she just a southern girl tweeting about her life. She's easily relateable and usually says things I wish I could say, but can't form the words. 

4. Luke. Confession. I am falling in love with him from his tweets. He's just an all around nice guy. And he's just so precious. Read these. 

5. Anti-Joke Apple. Okay, sue me, I like anti-jokes. I can't help it. I find them funny. 

6. Kiss My Southern Sass. She's a southern belle raisin' hell! And she also has an awesome store

7. Fez. Nuff said. 

8. Southern Problems. Another southern girl just going about her life. One tweet at a time. 

9. Texts From Last Night. I don't care who you are. You KNOW that texts from last night is still funny. 
10. Ghetto Hikes. I know he's not posting anymore. And that makes me really sad. But a girl can dream, right? 

Hope you enjoyed! Now get out there and follow some people! (: 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Movie Monday

Have you ever watched a really bad old movie and thought, "Oh my gosh, why was this made?" Well that's what today is devoted to. And actually, it's not a movie like that at all. I mean, this movie is kind of stupid, but it's HILARIOUS and if you make fun of it, it's even more hilarious. But I've always loved it.

It's called Drop Dead Fred.

And it's about a woman (Phoebe Cates) who was emotionally abused by her overbearing mother as a child. She didn't have any friends when she was younger and instead had an imaginary friend named Drop Dead Fred. He was spastic and always getting her to do crazy things like play "robber" in the middle of the night, making mud pies on the kitchen table, etc. Now, as a young woman, separated from her husband and moved back home, she feels more alone than ever. Enter Drop Dead Fred, back into her life to cause her more chaos that ever! This movie is hilarious. And I'd like to include some of my favorite quotes below. 


"It takes more than a firetruck to stop Drop Dead Fred!" - Fred
Young Elizabeth: Did they live happily ever after?
Polly: Of course they did, because she was a good girl and if she'd been naughty, the prince would have run away.
Young Elizabeth: What a pile of shit. 
Young Elizabeth: Daddy, why don't we throw mommy out the window? It won't hurt her. She'll land in the gladiolas.
Nigel: You shouldn't say things like that about your mother. She might cut your head off.
"I don't love you, because love is for girls and girls are disgusting!" - Fred
"Snotface, look! INK! Let's write something on the carpet! I know, how about 'MOTHER SUCKS'?" - Fred

Well, now that you've read some of my favorite lines, please take a moment to sit back and watch because the entire movie is on YouTube. But remember, it came out in 1991, so just forget about the cinematography, alright? 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mary's Photo Sesh

Woo! Two posts in one day! (: Yesterday, my old roomie, Mary and I walked around downtown and took some pictures! Please enjoy her contagious smile! (The photos look a little blurry for some reason, but if you click on them and then just hit the arrow keys to scroll through them, they look better! Just a tip.)

One of my favorites! She is beautiful! 

She's such a goofball! 

"Her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining!" :P - Me, via Bruno Mars

"Oh! Lindsey, a little door! You have to get me looking like a giant!" - Mary

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! Definitely a fave! 

Aaaaaaand, I think this is my all time favorite! 

Model behavior! 

"I love Lindsey Burlew!" - Mary

"I'm trapped in a hole!" - Mary

Another of my faves! (: 

I hope you enjoyed her face! It is a beauty to behold! 
Until next time,

xoxo Linds