Monday, October 15, 2012

New Logo & New Obsession

So, (I start with "so" a lot, sorry for that).... So, in my photography hobby... well I should just go ahead and say business... I am a business... I have a small business. But a very small business. The smallest, teeny tiniest business there ever was. That being said, I was looking around at all the photography sites that I explore and admire and saw that they all had logos. Whether it was the kind that appeared in the white box under their pictures, or the kind that was watermarked on their pictures, everyone had a THING. I did not have a THING... until now. I created my own logo last night and um, I like it.

And I thought, well since I'm creating a logo, I may as well pop on over to BlogStomp and check out what they have to offer. It's a site that my good friend Ashley from V.A. Photography told me about, where when you've finished editing your pictures, you can go and "stomp" your logo onto your pictures without all the hassel of doing it on photoshop, etc. HOW COOL IS THAT? Well... I made a boo boo. I downloaded the trial version. I admit it. They got me. Ugh. I thought it was going to let me have it for 30 days and then take it away, you know? Like everything else. No. This is what they gave me.

Ew. Look at that. Look at that ugly BlogStomp watermark. (But I must say, my logo is dashing!) So yeah, they did it. They got me hooked on their producted, reeled me in like a fish, and then cast me out before I got to eat the worm. Needless to say, I will be buying BlogStomp. But I think it's a fair price for a one time fee. Sooooo.... soon all of my pictures will be STOMPED


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