Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sarah & Kyle

So, sophomore year, I took pictures of my friend Sarah and her boyfriend Kyle. And this year, I did it again! Except this time, I drove out to Bridgewater College so that they would have pictures from both of their schools! Let me tell you, the drive there was two hours of beauty! The mountains were GORGEOUS! I wish I had time to stop, but I got a later start than I originally planned and didn't have time. But I guess that just gives me a chance to trek out that way again! (:

Anyway, I had so much fun shooting with them again! Hope they and y'all enjoy these! (: 

Look how cute she is! 

Kyle insisted we get a picture in front of this building! 

It was Kyle's idea to take pics on these stairs! Good idea! 

Diva, striking a pose! 

Sarah knew she wanted this picture! And I think this is one of my faves! 

I just LOVE black and whites! 

And now as I finish this, I'm off to hand over Sarah's CD! Have a good night! (: 

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