Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gryder Family Sesh

So, maybe you know, and maybe you don't. But the Gryders are my family. Aha! Kim is my aunt (my mom's sister) and Ray is her husband, my uncle (you can visit his blog here).. which makes Gabe and Liam my cousins! This morning, we went to Maymont Park and took pictures. Although the weather was calling for warm, at ten thirty.. ehh not so much. It was quite chilly and with two youngsters, well, you know how it goes. We didn't get many pictures because with a very tired two year old who had to be bribed with gummy bears, it was difficult. So I got a lot of candids instead of posed pictures, but it was a good day nonetheless. Here's the official pictures! Hope you like. (:

This is one precious toddler! Mr. Gabe (: 

These pictures are definitely a favorite! Ray told Gabe to copy him and put his foot up on the wall just like him. And Gabe turned around and put his foot up on the wall just like he said! Ahahaha! Cutie.

Look at that precious smile! 

Aha, Ray put Gabe up in the tree and he clung to him saying "Daddy, hold me." Poor thing was so scared Ray would let go.

Ray: What is that?
Gabe: Rocket ship!

Liam and Mommy! Get a load of those blue eyes! 

Oh my goodness! Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks and get lost in those eyes! 

The one thing that Kim knew she wanted was to get a black and white picture of Liam with his eyes in blue. And why not?! I believe those eyes are going to get him both into and out of trouble when he gets older ;)


Gabe was trying so hard to bounce the ball off his head. Daddy had to give him a little help. 

I spy a sea of blue (: 

The second part of this session will be happening in the spring most likely. When Gabe has a longer attention span, and Liam is a year old. "Then, they'll be getting into trouble together" was what Kim said. We'll just have to wait and see. ;)

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