Monday, October 22, 2012

Hart + Jenny: Surprise Proposal!

Well, most proposals are surprises, but this was extra surprising! Let me begin at the beginning...

Thursday night my good friend Amanda called me and asked me if I knew Hart from school, I did not, but she told me that he needed a photographer for Sunday. And I said "Sure! Give him my number and he can call me and whatnot." Well, literally five minutes after I hung up with Amanda, I got the call from Hart, where he proceeded to tell me that he was going to PROPOSE to his girlfriend of 8 years (high school sweethearts, how cute!) on Sunday at the High Bridge Trail near campus. WOW! So we planned this whole thing where we would just be strangers passing by, he and she would be strolling the bridge after church and I would just be taking pictures of the view. And then he would go down on one knee and BAM I would be there with the camera!

I felt so stealth during this little game. I dragged my roommate Katy along as my cover, so I wouldn't awkwardly be taking pictures of the view, and instead could awkwardly take pictures of her. And the four of us got there at the same time.

When it happened, obviously I was right there, ready to shoot away. And boy did I! I wasn't missing a THING!

I was creepin' stealthily behind them. 

And she just thought she was here to see some sights.

She was wrong. There was SO much more to it! 

She started crying, as you can see. 

And of course she said yes!

Funny story: This couple sat next to Hart and Jenny in church that same morning and ended up coming to High Bridge. They struck up a conversation while walking the trail before they hung back to read up on the history as Hart and Jenny kept walking. They walked up moments after the proposal happened to offer their congratulations! (: 

And what girl doesn't want to admire her ring?!

Jenny was so giddy afterwards, it was so cute! 

Jenny then realized why Hart had been acting strange all morning.

Don't they just look like they should be together?

Look at that beautiful ring! 

Jenny signed their names in the guest book! (: Somehow, everyone knew that they'd just gotten engaged, because everyone we passed was offering congratulations! 

Wooo. I just LOVED this opportunity to take these! Amanda, thank you so much for talking me up and Hart thank you so much for taking her advice! This was so much fun! (:

Also... another piece of fun news.... are you ready for this? The park manager (I think he was a manager of some kind) gave me his email address to send him these pictures, I guess for the park website or something... but get a load of this, he also runs the Farmville Herald, the newspaper and he wants to put these pictures in the newspaper! How exciting is that? So keep your eyes peeled for Jenny and Hart's engagement in the NEWSPAPER! Hooray! (:


Love Me If You Dare said...

SO COOL!!!! love these pictures and such a sweet story! great job! :)

Lindsey said...

Thank you, Ashley! (:

Anonymous said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful Lindsey! So happy you were the one to be able to take Hart and Jenny's photos :) And so happy for Hart and Jenny!

Curtis said...

Great story and pictures. My wife and I are big fans of the bridge, having cycled the trail both ways and last year ran/walked in the High Bridge 5K event. Very unlike most state parks but a great addition to the parks system. A great place to relax and enjoy. Hope this also gets Lindsey some more well-deserved photo business.